"I have been a patient for about 5 years and I would never dream of going anywhere else. I have been going to a dentist/orthodontist since I was very little and this is the friendliest place I have ever been. I feel like I come to a high end, top of the line, quality dentist who genuinely and consistetly continues to amaze me. Amazing staff all around!"


"All the staff at Taylor Dental is the BEST!! Everyone is so nice and very pleasant to be around. The whole staff is very caring and do all they can to make your mist a comfortable one."


"We have used Taylor Family Dentistry as our dentist for approx 7 years now and absolutely love them. When we first started going to them one night my son was very upset and stated that one of his teeth were hurting him, it was so bad I almost took him to the E.R., I called Dr. Taylor and he met me after hours, late and a holiday night as well and took care of my son. I was very grateful and my son relieved of his pain. That's when I knew I had found my Family our dentist that we could count on. Dr. Taylor's staff is great as well always friendly and fun. They really put you at ease when your there for an appointment. I would highly recommend Taylor Family Dentistry for your Family Dentistry needs."

The Ball Family

"Dr.Taylor and staff, Your office feels like a home or maybe even a Spa! Our family is always treated with respect and kindness. We never have to wait and, best of all, we never feel a thing....especially the shots! We love going to the dentist, thank you!"

Rozsa Family

"I have always been embarrassed about my top front teeth, because of the color and how I have chipped them over the years. I would never show them to other people. I would not show my teeth in family picture because I was ashamed of how bad my teeth looked. When I consulted my previous dentist he wanted a fortune to fix them. I contacted Dr. Taylor’s office and had him give me a second opinion. Dr. Taylor was up front and to the point. He did not try to sell me things I did not need. I explained what I was looking for and Dr. Taylor was able to perform all the work for an affordable price. When I say Dr. Taylor was able to perform all the work I do not think he knew what he was getting into. When he set my temporary crown, I pulled it off while eating over the holiday weekend. I call Dr. Taylor, and he actually answered his phone and dropped what he was doing with his family and met me at his office to reset the temporary crown. This is not your average dentist, he is all about integrity.

I am a person that really identifies with first impressions. When I walked into Taylor Family Dentistry the staff treated me as if I were their highest priority; unlike many other dentist offices I have been to where you let the receptionist know you are there for your appointment and you are tossed into the lobby and forgotten about. I have had to wait up to an hour at one of my old dentist offices. That does not happen at Taylor Family Dentistry. I am greeted with nothing but smiles.

When I went in for my cleaning I was expecting to be in and out like my old dentist. Was I surprised when I was educated about the status of my teeth and what to look for in the future. I was shocked. When I left the office my teeth really felt clean and smooth. That makes me feel as if I have been well treated.

For the quality of work that was performed I could not be happier. Dr. Taylor did not just glue in some teeth and send me on my way, but reconstructed my crowns so I would stop chipping my front teeth. I did notice that my bite was just a little different, but I am really enjoying the change. I actually smile in family pictures now and people have told me that I seem to be a happier person. Thank You Dr. Taylor and all your staff for the fabulous experience I received from your office."

M. Whistler