Meet Us

About Dr. Brandon Taylor

Dr. Taylor Graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelors Degree in Medical Biology. He then received a Doctorate in Dental Medicine at the University of Louisville in 2002. Dr Taylor has continued his education and training with courses in Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Root Canal Therapy, Implant Restoration, Computer Aided Dentistry, and Occlusion/TMJ Therapy.

Dr. Taylor takes great pride in offering the best dentistry possible. He is very sympathetic to his patients. He has worked hard to keep his office on the cutting edge both in treatment modalities and philosophy all while trying to make care affordable for his patients.

When not working, Dr. Taylor enjoys spending time with his 2 daughters and his wife, Sally. They love to golf, boat, ski, bicycle, and travel.

About The Staff

The Staff at Taylor Family Dentistry has many years of experience in dentistry. They are well trained and love their jobs. Their priorities are making patients feel comfortable, well informed, and cared for.